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Omega 3 Fish Oil and Arthritis

by ehealthyone on 11/08/11

Many people have been taking omega-3 fish oil supplements to maintain good heart health. Did you know that fish oil is also helpful to people who suffer from arthritis? 

Arthritis is caused by inflammation in the joints and researchers have found that the essential fatty acid DHA in fish oil has anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce swelling and relieve pain. There is also research that shows low levels of essential fatty acids in the body may be a factor in a number of disorders including osteoporosis.

Multiple studies have now concluded that fish oil alleviates stiffness and joint pain of rheumatoid arthritis. New research has revealed that the omega-3 essential fatty acids derived from fish may obstruct not only the chemicals that prompt inflammation in arthritis but also the proteins identified as wearing down knee cartilage. It is encouraging to know that something as simple as eating fish and taking fish oil supplements for arthritis can bring relief to many who suffer from joint pain.

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