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How To Control Inflammation In the Body

Author: Milton Haslam

Inflammation in the body is one of those areas that confuse a lot of people. Inflammation is necessary to the bodies immune system. A common cold would be deadly if it did not exist. Consumers spend a fortune each year on drugs that are used against everything from joint pain to cardiovascular issues. These drugs do not fix the cause of many of these problems - an out of balance immune system.

It has been said by numerous health professionals that if you had to pick the two keys to health, the selections would be increased circulation of the blood and decreased inflammation 
in the body. Although they seem like wildly different goals, they actually are interrelated.

1] Increased circulation of the blood

Increased circulation seems logical to most people. The nutrients we consume and the oxygen we breathe has to get to the rest of the body. For example, although the brain is roughly 2% of body mass, it accounts for 25% of the blood flow. If there is not enough oxygen then 
brain cells begin to die. A stroke would be an extreme example.

2] Decreased inflammation in the body

The body thrives when there is balance between two groups of omega fatty acids - omega 3s and omega 6s. Too much of the 6s causes an immune system over reaction which results in inflammation.

If somebody falls and cuts themselves, the body sends a host of white blood cells, platelets and other chemicals to repair the damage. Once the damage is repaired, where do the excess chemicals go? The answer is - not very far. The platelets find their way to the artery walls, where over time, they are absorbed to form a coating that results in inflexible artery walls - sometimes called "hardening." This is the onset of heart disease. Inflammation in the rest of the body leads to arthritis, visual problems and cancerous tumors.

The problem is that inflammation starts occurring long before you need to go to the hospital. Your joints and tissues swell but maybe not to the point of pain. You may feel a little out of sorts both mentally and physically but think it is because of advancing age or stress.

There are two ways to solve the problem. Drugs are not one of them. Remember the omega 3/6 balance that I mentioned earlier. Get your omegas in equal balance and watch your health improve. Start by lowering your omega 6s. This means less vegetable oils, fatty meats, processed foods, salad dressings and certain dairy products. Next, add to your omega 3 intake with one of the better fish oil products. 

Be consistent. Having seafood occasionally or taking an omega 3 supplement every now and then is not going to work. The FDA and American Heart Association believe two-to-three grams daily of the omega 3s in fish oil will significantly improve your health. By the way, this 
is the about how much omega 3s you would get in a pound of salmon.

Some of these statements may seem extreme but few consumers know how deficient they really are. Recently, a Harvard study had omega 3 deficiencies as the number six killer in the U.S. Tobacco, high blood pressure and obesity were the top three.
Keep in mind, lowering inflammation in the body will happen by improving the diet and by adding supplementation. My website will provide more information in these areas.

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